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Photograph of Waterproofing a Honed Polished Concrete Terrace Floor / Roof  Slab.

Building Diagnosis Centre recently inspected a new school building under construction by our head chartered accredited forensic building consultant.

We designed the waterproofing solution, inspected and approved the application of the Markham Aquron 2000 penetrating waterproofing system on behalf of the school authorities.


The Aquron 2000 soaked deep into the roof slab floor slab surface during four (4) spray applications whilst our consultant inspected the proceedures. The waterproofing system can not suffer damage, wear of deteriorate as it is not a surface coating as the waterproofing peretrates below the surface and remains within the concrete matrix.

Building Diagnosis Centre Pty Ltd prepare NCC BCA expert performance solution reports that also meet the waterproofing Australian Standards, Local Councils and Private Certifiers:


The Markham Aquron is a long life waterproofing systems. Namely the Aquron 300 ready-mix concrete waterproofing solution, Aquron 2000 penetrating and curing waterproofing solution, Aquron 1000 waterproofing curing solution is suitable for all types of concrete structures, including polished honed concrete or just plain finish concrete.

The waterproofing process is four to five spray applications as the waterproofing safe environmentally friendly chemical soaks through the concrete where it can not be damaged or wear out.


Suitable for slab roofs, concrete balconies, concrete terraces, motor vechile showrooms, shopping centre and office blocks with honed concrete floor slabs and any concrete structure includes basement under ground when coupled with Markham Aquron 300 system (in the concrete mix).

Ideal for strata unit balconies to stop spalling concrete occurring including during rectifications to make a sound waterproofed repair.

Markham Aquron 2000 waterproofing solution to all concrete structures has a 20 year warranty.

Can be aplied after 20 years and a new 20 years’ warranty applies.

The waterproofing solution, penetrates through the concrete to waterproof the concrete it self.

Waterproofing can not wear or be damaged as it is below the surface.

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