Building Diagnosis Centre Pty Ltd

Building Diagnosis Centre Pty Ltd Sydney

Sydney building experts striving for professional excellence since 1976.

Solving defective non-compliant damaged buildings, structures and waterproofing throughout Sydney Northern Beaches to Eastern Suburbs.

Remedial Solutions for Building Waterproofing Faults & Complaints

Your in good hands with our Sydney chartered accredited diagnostic consulting building and waterproofing experts and licensed master builders.   


We have decades of experience in damaged buildings, construction, rectifications and drafting expert reports etc.

Clients are property owners, strata and facility managers, lawyers, licensed builders and agents.


Fault in waterproofing - Inspected by Building Diagnosis Centre









Summary of Our Expertise

Our independent chartered accredited experts, specialise in providing independent expert ‘on-the-spot’ opinion advice solving causes of damaged buildings, design faults and defective non-compliance work. Draft scope of works and settle building dispute claims if necessary without involving NSW Fair Trading or NCAT. Compile expert solution reports and photographic evidence surveyors.

For building disputes and claims, our reports meet the requirements of Fair Trading / NCAT and the Master Builders Associations of NSW.