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Building disputes occur due to faulty waterproofing, construction defects, building contract disagreements, and variations of work not completed according to the building contract. Both parties require their building expert to provide expert reports and to attend court to give evidence under oath. Both parties require a building lawyer. Building Diagnosis Centre has building and engineering experts and recommend construction lawyers. Property owners and builders can talk to us and find out how we can assist with unbiased advice.








Our Assessments List – Of  Most Common Faults Discovered 


  • Spalling concrete coastal corrosive damage and in magnesite floor topping to strata unit floor slabs;
  • Protective paint coatings of steel material in coastal environments and within the splash zone of beach surf; 
  • Waterproofing roof and balcony membranes includes liquid applied membrane coatings and bathrooms; 
  • Defective wall flashings and damp-proof courses; 
  • Seepage and drainage to alleviate water intrusion and subsidence of buildings; 
  • Rising and lateral damp intrusion; 
  • Wall cracking due to abnormal movements and settlement; 
  • Deteriorating and non-compliant masonry; 
  • Coastal corrosion damaged masonry walls and steel wall ties; 
  • Failure of walling especially retaining walls; 
  • Non-compliance and non-performing balcony balustrades; 
  • Floor tiling of balconies, terraces and roofs causing detachment and unacceptable ponding and due to improper drainage outlets; 
  • Rust corrosion-proof roof sheets; 
  • Leaking aluminium sliding doors and windows; 
  • Floor and roof slab insulation for acoustic and thermal issues especially in strata units; 
  • Non-complying timber and tiled floors in strata unit and offices; 
  • Cracking leakage of above ground concrete swimming pools; 
  • Wet rot in timber structures caused by mould growth and lack of air ventilation; 
  • Leaking and corroding rooftop spa baths and structural steel patio awnings; 
  • Structural corroding steel shop/office awnings over council footpaths; 
  • Corroding metal roofs and insufficient thermal and acoustic insulation; 
  • Structurally deteriorating glass and aluminium balustrades; and 
  • Work removing hazardous asbestos materials.