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Building Faults – Property Assessments

Inspection of remedial work due to building faults at time of construction, can be very expensive to retify.

To eleavate faults etc, property assessments of building structures are best carried out during the construction, on completion and during the life of the building.

Assessments are by visual inspections and with built structures cutting into the structure to find the source of concealed defects causing water penetration and or other issues.

A typical excample can be seen in the below photograph taken during our contract administration consultancy.


Photographic evidence of major remedial work and waterproofing 3.0 m below surronding ground level.

Caused due to a failed waterproofing system and lack of sound drainage to remove seepage water.

Overview of our company’s professional expertise and services

Building Diagnosis Centre has offered advise during our technical property assessments since we commenced design and construction of residential buildings, alterations and additions since 1976 and professional consultancy advise since 1987 to present times (2021). Refer to our summary of services below:

  1. All types of building and construction issues and disputes.
  2. Building Inspections > defect detection > recommendations > check repair.
  3. Building façades, roofs and basement issues.
  4. Water seepage damage and waterproofing protection.
  5. Corrosion of coastal concrete, masonry, and steel structures.
  6. Faulty work and building dispute complaints.
  7. Remedial works’ contracts (inspections/advise).
  8. Generating specifications and scope of work.
  9. Arranging tenders.
  10. Critiquing tenders.
  11. Periodic inspections of rectifications.
  12. Assessing progress payment claims.
  13. Advising when work is completed, and
  14. Expert witness consignments – NSW Fair Trading, NCAT & District Court.

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Property assessments of Building faults, Sydney

Property assessments of Building faults, Sydney











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