Build Defect Free

Building Defect Free

Is a matter of planning and obtaining Expert Advice.

Property owners and builders should agree on having “independent waterproofing progress inspections” during each construction stage. Building Diagnosis Centre advises this third-party building inspection will control latent waterproofing defects and damage occurring after completion.


  • In summary, Building Diagnosis Centre professional consulting services usually commence with discussing clients’ building and or construction problems, issues and needs during a layman’s technical phone conversation. Followed by a professional inspection and examination of the client’s structure, building or construction work. 
  • Our building and construction consultants and inspectors aim to pinpoint the cause of building defects, faults or deterioration and how / why they occurred. Recommend best methodology to have rectified and or part of the building replaced by remedial building contractors that we have previously supervised for other clients’ work. We generate remedial scope of works documents.
  • Reports including expert technical reports for court work. For building disputes, we provide expert building advice and professional reports to meet the client’s and lawyers needs and for the court including Fair Trading and or NCAT.
  • We are technically proficient in assessing early heritage Colonial buildings and structures (prior 1919) and under Local Government Ordinance 70 Act. Includes Federation, Edwardian and the 60’s and 70’s buildings to 1990 under Building Code of Australia (BCA). 
  • In recent years modern buildings and structures under the 2019 National Construction Code (NCC)


Talk to us and find out how we can assist both the property owner and the building contractor to provide this service and to settle building and construction defects.


Refer to our building diagnostic consultancy service listed below:


Floor and wall

Specific Interest Consultancy Includes

  • Specifying Products and Systems for concrete structures include Markham Global Aquron waterproofing chemical add-mixers, injections, curing and swellable water-stops for concrete car park roofs and below ground structures. Includes exposed concrete commercial buildings, infrastructure and coastal constructions, external and basement slabs and strata units for waterproofing protection of concrete and steel reinforcement against corrosion.
  • Performance Solutions Alternatives for construction products, designs and systems to meet 2019 NCC/BCA & Australian Standards.
  • Represent BDA as committee member / working party Australia Building Codes Board – NCC/BCA & Australia Standards.
  • Coastal chloride induced spalling concrete corrosion, corrosive magnesite damaging strata residential and commercial multi-level buildings, salt attack to masonry brick work and mortar joints, structural steel rust corrosion chloride induced pitting and spalling concrete.
  • Waterproofing deterioration of membranes and flashings, building movement cracking and subsidence, asbestos detection and deconstruction methodologies.
  • Forensic investigation management includes physical intrusion, pinpointing causes of damage, collecting samples and briefing scientists for testing material content and contaminants particularly rust corrosion steel and spalled concrete materials.
  • Preparation of contracts and critiquing colleagues’ specifications, contract documents and costing remedial solutions for long durability rectifications, specifying proven solutions to replace inappropriate use of materials.
  • Management of tendering, overseeing management for correction of construction (not supervision).
  • Expert witness testimonies – building disputes of many types commonly include construction methodology faults / illegal construction / non-compliant construction / incomplete work / and the majority of cases due to faulty waterproofing corrosion and damage.
  • Peer review includes building design faults, diagnosis of construction deterioration, wall movement investigations, DA documentation. 
  • Deconstruction (demolition) and project manage stabilisation of structural steel supports to heritage buildings.