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We oversee Construction Work no matter how small the project.

When property owners, strata managers and builders seek Building Diagnosis Centre professional building consulting services, technical conversations with our head consultant Robert Speirs-Ferrari including via phone is in layman’s terms, when:

  • Discussions with clients regarding their buildings and or construction problems.
  • We create lists of their issues and needs to assist them with their contractors.
  • Explain how we undertake professional inspections and examination of their structures, their buildings or ​their construction works in progress.
Our building and construction consultants and inspectors aim to:
  • Pinpoint the cause/s of building defects, faults or deterioration and how / why they occurred.
  • Recommend best methodology to rectify and or part of the building replaced by remedial building contractors.
  • Referrals to builders and remedial we have previously supervised for other clients’ work.
  • Generate remedial scope of works documents.
  • Inspect each stage of the work prior to work continuing.
  • Certify each stage.
Our Building Reports:
  • General reports for building owners, building contractors and strata managers.
  • Expert technical reports for court cases.
  • Detailed reports for building disputes.
  • Our professional reports have expert building advice to meet the client’s and lawyers needs.
  • Also for court cases including Fair Trading and NCAT.
We are technically proficient in assessing:
  • Early​ heritage Colonial ​​buildings and structures (prior 1919) and under Local Government Ordinance 70 ​A​ct​.​
  • Includes Federation, Edwardian ​and ​the 60​’​s​ and 70’s​ buildings ​to 1​990 under ​Building ​C​ode of Australia ​(BCA).
  • In recent years modern buildings and structures under​ ​the ​2019 ​National Construction Code​ (NCC)​.


Our senior building consultants:


  • Offer expert advice on how to prevent building damage.
  • Resolve construction problems.
  • Give causes of corroding waterproofing damage, faulty concrete and steel structures.
  • Supervise remediation, inspect faulty construction work and handle building contract disputes.
  • Disputes usually include repair costs and faulty work complaints.


We can discuss how we can help with your building issues or your clients.

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