Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction / Company Overview


We go to any length to satisfy our clients’ needs. Experience with all diversified properties.

Our clients are property owners of family homes, and strata units. Also construction builders, building designers, strata managers, legal professionals, business owners and managers of nursing homes, strata units, schools, hospitals, local gavenment departments and heritage items.


Who ever you are, you will receive first class comprehensive professional building invesgation services from our senior building and construction experts each with more then 30 years experience.


Expert services include investigations into the condition of buildings, building faults and damage, and during work under construction.


Building Diagnosis Centre assess all types of building faults, defects and materials of poor condition suffering the effects of:


  • Water penetration through walls, roofs, floors, building components eg; concrete and waterproofing membranes
  • Concrete spalling (cracking and corrosion of floor and roof slabs)
  • Building damage due to faulty work or non-compliant work
  • Building disputes with waterproofing membranes to balcony floors, internal showers and concrete roof slabs
  • Unsafe construction where work has not been provided according to council approved plans and specifications
  • Coastal deterioration damage initially by faulty construction work
  • Coastal salt ingress conditions causing corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement within concrete
  • Experience with all diversified properties includes residential homes; strata units; common property in buildings
  • Includes commercial shops and industrial factory buildings, government infrastructure, heritage properties and swimming pools.


Our Core Diagnostic Consulting Business

We are professional experts in assising building design, specifying and managing remedial building works, engineering works, which always includes extensive waterproofing issues. Our core business is working for our clients every single day, evaluating client’s needs and provide expert advice and opinion on what needs to be done and how. Advising on cause-and-effect together with recommendations presented in a comprehensive technical report on completion of our on-site investigations.


We provide advice and solutions for our clients during visual building inspections and during physical investigations into existing buildings. Includes during new construction, assessing building issues, faults, defects and premature deterioration of the built environment.


The preparation of technical detailed reports, list detects, faults, damage, deterioration, and work not in accordance with approved plans and specifications. We manage new building work and the rectifications of existing buildings.


Our purpose is to ensure the completed or repaired building is compliance, free of defects and faults, damage and deterioration, so our clients can do what they do best knowing their building is in expert hands.


The expert service is either managed or provided by our director, head senior consultant Robert Speirs-Ferrari. Robert has 43 years ‘hands-on’ experience constructing, designing, consulting and as expert witness. He is highly qualified and to post-graduate Master degree level from University Technology Sydney. Is a fellow and chartered member with the leading Australian building and design associations as:


FAIB (Chartered)

MMBA (Accredited)

BDAA (Member and as a past representative on Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Building Code Committee (BCC))

Licensed Master Builder, Licensed Waterproofing Contractor, and

Robert constructs homes for his family and relatives.