How We Assist Our Clients

Assisting Our Clients

By solving building construction and waterproofing defects we investigate.

Including overseeing of new construction and rectification works.




The overseeing of construction works by our independent consultant, ensures a sound build. 

Our diagnostic consultancy for building construction and waterproofing, stops construction defects and faults.

We can provide our clients with detailed expert building inspections followed by expert reports. Reports include scope of works for construction rectifications.


Client Satisfaction

Property owners, strata and legal professionals, building designers, managers, renting tenant and construction builders, receive first class comprehensive investigations into waterproofing building faults and during work under construction. Building issues include suffering the effects of water penetration; building damage; building disputes; unsafe construction; and coastal deterioration damage.  Experienced in all diversified properties includes:


  • residential homes
  • strata units
  • common property
  • commercial and government infrastructure
  • heritage properties and
  • concrete swimming pools.